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Unformatted text preview: CPS 82, Fall 2011 4.1 IP: Intellectual Property Copyright, Patent, Trade Secret: IP IP term is pervasive, so we will use it Differences from "real" property? What does IP mean to Cisco employee? In US, and most other countries, IP similar Copyright: fixed/expressed, not an idea Patent: idea/invention, non-obvious, useful Trade-secret: not-disclosed, secret CPS 82, Fall 2011 4.2 Patents and the Internet Internet built on open standards and source What are open standards? Why? cf: patented, licensed, proprietary standards? Is IP 2 an oxymoron with Internet ` s start? Why was there a change (e.g., patents)? Court system and economics/business Why does the world change? CPS 82, Fall 2011 4.3 Key Patent Aspects US: First to Invent v. First to File Provisional Patent (protect invention) $1500 provisional to $15K full (legal fees) Lasts 20 years from date of filing • Requires paying l maintenance fees z Non-obvious to one skilled-in-the-art Must examine prior art, who must? Must be useful, must exist! No speculative patents CPS 82, Fall 2011 4.4 Why patent something? Effectively grants monopoly: invention/idea Not expression as copyright, but novel concept Different protection than trade secret • If it stays secret, good forever, but once out, gone! Defensive patent Keep invention accessible/available Lessen concerns about infringement More common with software, esp. Open Source CPS 82, Fall 2011 4.5 Software Patent: Brief History...
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slides4-4up - CPS 82 Fall 2011 4.1 IP Intellectual Property...

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