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Compsci 82, Fall 2011 15.1 Compsci 82, Fall 2011 15.2 Internet Censorship Compsci 82, Fall 2011 15.3 Internet Censorship Compsci 82, Fall 2011 15.4 Internet (and other) Censorship What is censorship? Does venue matter? Cigarette commercials on TV, profanity, military and national-security documents, Google Earth images, Super Bowl commercials, What about Internet censorship? Nationwide: where and why School-wide: where and why Family-wide: where and why Compsci 82, Fall 2011 15.5 Censorship Internet laws in the US Communications Decency Act: ACLU v Reno offensive material off-limits to minors 1997 SCOTUS, unanimously unconstitutional. Section 230 survives: blogger/ISP immunity Children s Internet Protection Act: CIPA Schools, libraries must install and use filtering software (e-rate: Duke? Durham?...) Affirmed by SCOTUS in 2003, filters must be disableable , though not by minors Compsci 82, Fall 2011 15.6 Censorship in Australia (Denmark, ) Blacklists for ISPs at the country level Domain name censorship Wikileaks hosts site, threatened with fines Started with good intentions (perhaps), but … How does a domain name get on the list? Off?
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Compsci 82, Fall 2011 15.7 Internet/Web Censorship Blacklists, client, ISP, country, other? How are these implemented? Possible to bypass with Counteract with whitelist? Can we block, filter, or examine IP address? Where is the IP address? ISP-wide, bottlenecks, technologically feasible? What about deep packet inspection ? Compsci 82, Fall 2011 15.8 Firewalls and Proxies Golden Shield Great Firewall of China Atlantic on firewall.cn Personal/Corporate Firewall IP packet layer, Application layer
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