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10-midterm-review - ² Multiplicity weak entity sets ISA...

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1 Midterm Review CPS 116 Introduction to Database Systems Announcements (Tue. Oct. 4) Homework #1 graded Homework #2 due today Sample solution available tomorrow (Wed.) Midterm exam in class Thursday Open book, open notes Additional copies of sample midterm + solution (from 2009) available today Project milestone #1 due next Thursday See course website for description handout 2 Topics covered so far Relational model + declarative query language Physical data independence Relational algebra: ߪ , ߨ ,×, ⋈ , ⋈, ߩ , −,∪,∩ Monotonicity
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Unformatted text preview: ² Multiplicity, weak entity sets, ISA relationships ± Design theory (FD’s → , MVD’s ↠ , BCNF, 4NF) ² Help eliminate redundancy ² “Key, the whole key, nothing but the key” ² Attribute closure, chase ± SQL ² NULL and three-value logic → nifty feature, big mess ² Bag versus set semantics ² SFW (or SPJ) queries, subqueries, grouping and aggregation ² Modifications ² Constraints → the more you know the better you can do ² Recursion: fixed-point iteration; stratified recursion ± OLTP vs. OLAP 3...
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