15-xml - 1 XML-Relational Mapping CPS 116 Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 XML-Relational Mapping CPS 116 Introduction to Database Systems 2 Announcements (Tue. Nov. 1) Homework #3 deadline extended to next Tuesday Project milestone #2 due in 1 weeks 3 Approaches to XML processing Text files (!) Specialized XML DBMS Lore (Stanford), Strudel (AT&T), Timber (Michigan), MonetDB/XQuery (CWI, Netherlands), Tamino (Software AG), BaseX, eXist, Sedna, Still some way to go Object-oriented DBMS ObjectStore, ozone, Not as mature as relational DBMS Relational (and object-relational) DBMS Middleware and/or extensions IBM DB2s pureXML, PostgreSQLs XML type/functions 4 Mapping XML to relational Store XML in a CLOB (Character Large OBject) column Simple, compact Full-text indexing can help (often provided by DBMS vendors as object-relational extensions) Poor integration with relational query processing Updates are expensive Alternatives? Schema-oblivious mapping: well-formed XML ! generic relational schema Node/edge-based mapping for graphs Interval-based mapping for trees Path-based mapping for trees Schema-aware mapping: valid XML ! special relational schema based on DTD 5 Node/edge-based: schema Element ( eid , tag ) Attribute ( eid , attrName , attrValue ) Attribute order does not matter ElementChild ( eid , pos , child ) pos specifies the ordering of children child references either Element ( eid ) or Text ( tid ) Text ( tid , value ) tid cannot be the same as any eid ) Need to invent lots of id s ) Need indexes for efficiency, e.g., Element ( tag ), Text ( value ) Key: ( eid , attrName ) Keys: ( eid , pos ), ( child ) 6 Node/edge-based: example <bibliography> <book ISBN=ISBN-10 price=80.00> <title>Foundations of Databases</title> <author>Abiteboul</author> <author>Hull</author> <author>Vianu</author> <publisher>Addison Wesley</publisher> <year>1995</year> </book> </bibliography> Element ElementChild Attribute Text eid pos child e0 1 e1 e1 1 e2 e1 2 e3 e1 3 e4 e1 4 e5 e1 5 e6 e1 6 e7 e2 1 t0 e3 1 t1 e4 1 t2 e5 1 t3 e6 1 t4 e7 1 t5 eid tag e0 bibliography e1 book e2 title e3 author e4 author e5 author e6 publisher e7 year tid value t0 Foundations of Databases t1 Abiteboul t2 Hull t3 Vianu t4 Addison Wesley t5 1995 eid attrName attrValue e1 ISBN ISBN-10 e1 price 80 2 7 Node/edge-based: simple paths //title SELECT eid FROM Element WHERE tag = title; //section/title SELECT e2.eid FROM Element e1, ElementChild c, Element e2 WHERE e1.tag = section AND e2.tag = title AND e1.eid = c.eid AND c.child = e2.eid; ) Path expression becomes joins!...
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15-xml - 1 XML-Relational Mapping CPS 116 Introduction to...

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