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SOC 372 Dec . 6, 2011 Term Paper What is the glass ceiling? What factors explain its existence and persistence? Society has been dealing with gender discrimination and stereotypes ever since the world’s existence, and we are still seeing issues with this inequality today . One of the main reasons why this discrimination still remains is because of societal norms and expectations . It is part of our own natural, cognitive thought process where we see this discrimination and inequality in practice . After reading four different scholarly journals, there is much about the glass ceiling and gender discrimination in general that I have learned . There are many different factors that influence this glass ceiling . In the article, “What Do We Know About Glass Ceiling Effects? A Taxonomy and Critical Review to Inform Higher Education Research,” we learn that the glass ceiling has been stressed as a huge problem within the last 20 years . As a result of the glass ceiling problem we currently have in society, steps have been taken to further diversify senior- level positions in order to have a better, more creative and unique work force . These steps include making advancements not only in gender participation, but racial/ethnic participation as well . The glass ceiling was initially seen as only a gender issue, but the racial inequality we see in our society is just as bad, if not worse .
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One article I found, titled “Glass Ceilings and Great Expectations: Gender Stereotype Impact on Female Professionals,” discusses how social role theory and role congruity theory can be seen as explanations for why gender stereotyping exists
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1 - SOC 372 Dec. 6, 2011 Term Paper What is the glass...

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