nutrient analysis instructions

nutrient analysis instructions - for each item you consumed...

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New website for nutrition analysis 1. Go to the site and register. Registration is free, but you have to register so that your information can be stored.     2. Begin searching for your food items using the search tool labeled in the screen shot. Several options for you to  select and refine your choice will come up after you hit the search button 3. After you have chosen the most suitable option, click on add to pantry 4. Repeat the search and add to pantry process for all the foods you consumed on that day. 5. After stocking your pantry, add the quantities of each of the items in the pantry. 6. Hit the ‘Total+’ button (shown on screen shot below) to get information on your running total for that day. The button for registration is here Search tool
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7. You will then be taken to a report page which will show you the total calories and other nutritional information 
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Unformatted text preview: for each item you consumed as well as totals for the entire day. You will also have nutrition analysis tools including a comparison with the food guide pyramid on that page as well. 8. Download and print the file (button at top pf reports page). Regrettably it will not include the pretty graphics. 9. Lots of information on how to interpret the graphics and help in using the website are readily available on the website. There are many more capabilities of the website that you may want to take advantage of, such as tracking your food intake for particular goals such a weight loss, weight gain or diabetes control for example. There is a lot of help on the page to tell you how to use the website fully for such purposes....
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nutrient analysis instructions - for each item you consumed...

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