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Bio 141 Essential Biology (4.5 credits) Syllabus Spring 2007-08 Dr. Meshagae Hunte-Brown Dr. Lauren Sweeney Course Description: This course introduces the essential biological concepts needed by contemporary engineering students to make biologically informed decisions throughout their lives and engineering careers. The course focuses on five core biological topics: cells, genetics, evolution, ecology and physiology. Coverage emphasizes concepts essential for understanding modern biology with specific applications to societal concerns about biotechnology, health, conservation, biodiversity and bioethics. Evolution will be introduced throughout the course as a unifying theme in understanding molecular biology to communities and ecosystems. Students will gain a basic knowledge of cell structure and metabolism; molecular biology and inheritance; animal structure and function and how biological diversity evolves and the effect of human impacts on the environment. Text Al la carte version bundled with clicker - Essential Biology with Physiology by Campbell, Reece & Simon, (2004) Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Benjamin Cummings. ISBN: 0321572254. This package is only available at Drexel’s Bookstore Format of the Course: 3 hours of lecture/week 1 hour of recitation/week 2 hours of lab every other week Overall Goals for the Course: Upon completion of this course, it is anticipated that you will be able to understand: The major molecules that make up cells, basic cell structure & function, and how they harvest chemical energy through Cellular Respiration or Photosynthesis How cells divide and replicate and the fundamental principles of inheritance
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Bio%20141%20Ess%20Bio%20Syllabus%20and%20Lec%20Schedule -...

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