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Bio 141 Extra Credit Biocentrism Quiz According to many conservation biologists, an important part of encouraging a conservation "ethic" among the nonbiologist public is conservation education. The most effective way that biologists can educate is to simply teach about and make easily accessible information about the natural world. Assess your level of environmental awareness with the following quiz. 1. How many days until the moon is full (plus or minus 2 days)? June 18 2. Name four native edible plants found in this area. – Blackberry, 3. From what direction do winter storms come in this area? [N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW] 4. Where does your garbage go? - Landfill 5. Name or describe four trees that are native to this area. – Maple, Oak, Cherrywood,
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Unformatted text preview: Pine tree, Spruce tree 6. What primary geological event/process influenced the land form in this area? 7. Name two species that have become extinct in the state in the past 300 years. 8. Were the stars visible last night? - Yes 9. What is the primary source of electrical energy for this area? PECO power plant 10. Name four birds that are common in the area. – Sparrow, Cardinal, Bluejay, Canary Did you think the quiz was easy or difficult? Did its level of difficulty surprise you? How important is knowledge of the environment you live in? Are there any negative consequences of not knowing one or more of these basic facts about where you live? What are they?...
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