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hw3 - Q3 Assume numbers are represented in 8-bit twos...

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C-355 Homework Assignment # 3 (Due 07/17 in class) Q1. The r’s complement of an n-digit number in base r is defined as r n - N for N !=0 and 0 for N=0. Find the tens complement of the decimal number 13250 Q2. Calculate 72530 – 13250 using tens complement arithmetic. Assume rules similar to those for twos complement arithmetic
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Unformatted text preview: Q3. Assume numbers are represented in 8-bit twos complement representation. Show the calculation of the following: a. 6 + 13 b. -6+13 c. 6-13 d. -6-13 Q4. Find the following differences using twos complement arithmetic: a. 111000 b. 11001100 c. 111100001111 d. 11000011-110011- 101110-110011110011-11101000...
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