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ECE-C355-701 Computer Structures Midterm # 1 (07/24/2007) Time: One Hour Max Points: 25 Answer all questions Q1. (i) Convert 43.375 10 to binary, octal and hexadecimal (3) (ii) Convert 345.67 8 to binary , hexadecimal and decimal (3) Q2. (i) Develop the truth table for a full subtractor (2) (ii) Using K-map obtain the Boolean expressions for its outputs (2) (iii) Simplify the Boolean expressions obtained in (ii) using XOR gates (2) (iv) Draw the circuit for the full subtractor from the expressions in
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Unformatted text preview: (iii) (1) Q3. (i) Determine the status of carry and overflow flags after the following addition: 10010111 +01110010 Explain why (3) (ii) Do the following unsigned subtraction by 2’s complement arithmetic: 10110110-111011 (3) Q4. Multiply 11 X (-9) by Booth’s algorithm and show all the steps with explanation. Choose the minimum number of bits required to represent the signed numbers (6)...
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