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Syllabus ECE-203: Section 701 Programming for Engineers Fall 2007 Dr. Robin Carr Textbook: The textbook for the course is: Title: Big Java, 3rd edition Author: Cay S. Horstmann Publisher: Wiley ISBN: 978-0470-112090 In addition, you will also need to visit several online references Grading Scheme: Weekly Reading Quizzes 10% Homework & Class Activities/Labs 20% Week 5 Midterm 20% or 40% Week 10 Project 10% Final Exam 40% or 20% There will be a midterm, a final and some weekly quizzes based on reading the text and class notes in advance. The two weights for the midterm and the final will be chosen to give you the higher grade. The final will count more if you do better on it than on the midterm and vice versa. The early reading quizzes will be for the most part multiple-choice versions of the Self-Test Questions taken from each assigned chapter or notes. . There may be a project due in week 10. The midterm will be in week 5 and the final will be in exam week. Java features will be illustrated in the lectures with examples from engineering. The course additionally includes
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