Hw4 - Q3 Write a complete VHDL behavioral description for a 4 X 2 encoder This circuit has 4 inputs X(3 thru X(0 and 2 outputs Y(1 thru Y(0 Only

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C – 302n Homework Assignment for Week 4 Q1. Draw the waveform of OUTPUT generated by the following: process begin OUTPUT <= ‘0’; OUTPUT <= ‘1’ after 10 ns; wait for 5 ns; OUTPUT <= ‘0’ after 20 ns; wait for 35 ns; end process; How will the waveform change if the first wait statement is deleted? Q2. process (clk) if clk=’1’ and clk’event then some code end if: end process; Rewrite the above process using a suitable wait statement.
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Unformatted text preview: Q3. Write a complete VHDL behavioral description for a 4 X 2 encoder. This circuit has 4 inputs X(3) thru X(0) and 2 outputs Y(1) thru Y(0). Only one of the inputs is allowed to be ‘1’ at any given time. . The position of the ‘1’ is encoded on the output. e.g if X = “0100” then Y = “10” and so on. Have an active low ENABLE also....
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