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C- 302 Homework Assignment for Week # 8 Q1. Design a n-bit binary counter out of n JK flip-flops. Assuming the entity JKFF is already available in the work library, write a structural description of the n-bit binary counter using ‘generate’ statements. Q2. Design a n-bit odd and even parity generator by cascading XOR gates. Write a
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Unformatted text preview: structural description for it using ‘generate’ statements. Q3. Write a structural description for the 16 X 1 mux using four 4 X 1 muxes and ‘generate’ statements Q4. Design a n-bit shift register (parallel-in, serial-out) with n D flipflops and n 2X 1 muxes. Write code in structural style using ‘generate’ statements....
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