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MEDIA CONTACT: Megan Novak for the HomePlug Powerline Alliance The Ardell Group c (858) 442-3492 c megan@ardellgroup.com Last released: 18 September 2009 HomePlug Powerline Alliance Fact Sheet An industry-led initiative established to provide a forum for the creation of specifications for powerline networking products and services, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance is driving the adoption and accelerating the demand for powerline networking products and services. Alliance Members Currently, the Alliance includes more than 70 industry-leading companies. Member companies span various technology business sectors, including hardware, services, software, semiconductor design, consumer electronics, utility and retail. HomePlug alliance sponsors include: Mission The alliance's mission is to enable and promote rapid availability, adoption and implementation of cost effective, interoperable and standards-based home powerline networks and products. Technology Specifications HomePlug 1.0 In the spring of 2001, the HomePlug alliance finalized its full draft specification for HomePlug 1.0. To ensure reliability, speed and interoperability, it conducted extensive field-testing of its baseline technology in more than 500 homes throughout North America. In June of 2001, the HomePlug alliance published, and made available to its members, an Ethernet-class home powerline networking 1.0 specification that allows for ubiquitous, high-speed, cost-effective home connectivity. Millions of HomePlug-certified products now in use worldwide. HomePlug AV HomePlug AV supports distribution of data and multi-stream entertainment including High Definition television (HDTV) throughout the home. The HomePlug AV specification provides the best solution for high quality digital video distribution, with secure connectivity and built-in Quality- of-Service (QoS), at a cost that is competitive with other home networking alternatives. HomePlug AV offers co-existence modes enabling Broadband over Powerline (BPL) co-existence, multi- network operation, hidden node service and backward compatibility with HomePlug 1.0 certified products. HomePlug AV2 The alliance is developing HomePlug AV2 as the true next-generation high-bandwidth powerline standard to meet the demands of emerging consumer applications such as IPTV, multi-user gaming, multiple HDTV streams, distributed home storage systems, VIOP, and home IT networks. HomePlug AV2 also improves on whole home delivery of high bandwidth signals in homes and multi-dwelling buildings. HomePlug AV2 is fully interoperable with HomePlug AV and HomePlug GP, and will be brought into the IEEE 1901 standard once the spec is complete. HomePlug AV2 offers Gigabit speed at the physical layer and 600Mbs+ at the MAC layer. The AV2 spec is on schedule for completion in late 2009 or early 2010, with products expected to ship in early 2011. HomePlug Smart Energy
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HomePlug_Electronic_Press_Kit - HomePlug Powerline Alliance...

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