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EGM 6812, F11, University of Florida, M. Sheplak 1/18 Section 8, Vorticity Dynamics 8 Vorticity Dynamics 8.1 Introduction to vorticity/circulation Vorticity: although not a primary variable in fluid mechanics, it is important for interpretation of various fluid flows 8.1.1 Kinematic property k i ijk j V u x   8.1.2 Various Physical Interpretations is equal to twice the angular velocity of a point particle   ang. vel. 1 2 r dV dr dr    Recall Stokes’ Theorem Figure 1 Stokes Theorem (Panton pg 58) Definitions: C a closed curve n is a unit vector perpendicular to dS dS is an infinitesimal area t unit vector tangent to C V  t dl n dS V C
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