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EGM6812_F10_HW9Q - Find a Determine the velocity potential...

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EGM 6812 Fluid Mechanics 1 - Fall 2010 11/22/10, 9 th Homework 1/1 1. Problem 18.2 from Panton. 2. Problem 18.3 from Panton. 3. Problem 18.4 from Panton. 4. Problem 18.7 from Panton. Hint: method of images from field theory is useful. 5. Problem 18.21 from Panton. 6. Problem 19.4 from Panton. 7. Given: Consider the planar potential flow that results from the superposition of a line source of magnitude m located at the origin and a uniform flow of magnitude U in the x direction. The superimposed field’s streamline patterns are shown below.
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Unformatted text preview: Find: a) Determine the velocity potential and streamfunction for this flow in cylindrical coordinates. b) Determine the velocity field and the position , r of the stagnation point. c) Determine the equation for the dividing streamline in cylindrical coordinates. d) In terms of scalar quantities, write an equation that could be used to evaluate the pressure at any location on the dividing streamline....
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