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EGM 6812 F2010 Exam 2 review

EGM 6812 F2010 Exam 2 review - EGM 6812 Fluid Mechanics 1...

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EGM 6812 Fluid Mechanics 1 - Fall 2010 10/27/10, Exam 2 Information Announcements: 1. Exam 2 will be given at night on Wednesday, 11/3/10 in 100 NEB from 8:20 pm – 10:10 pm. 2. It will cover material through section 9.2 (up to Bernoulli’s equation) and HW#8 (problems 1-5). 3. The exam will emphasize material from non-dimensionalization through Bernoulli’s equation (HW#5 – HW #8, Problems 1-5). Format: 1. Bring a pencil, eraser, etc. DO NOT bring your notes, textbook, crib sheet, etc. 2. I anticipate that we will have 2-4 problems and several short-answer questions with the points per problem/question clearly labeled. This may change. Please see the website for examples of prior exams. Topics: 1. Review (Ch. 1-6, 10, and 11 in Panton) This class builds on prior material, so knowledge of the first 6 chapters in Panton is required. 2. Dimensional Analysis (Ch. 8, Panton) Variables and typical scales: non-dimensional formulation of governing equations and various limits
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