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HW4 - binsx = centers of bin locations for px 2 Propose...

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HOMEWORK #4 1. Create a MATLAB function to calculate the probability density function of a variable. Use the first few lines below as a guide. Then test your function using the output from the ‘hist’ MATLAB function, suitably scaled, on sample data. Plot your results for the sample data using the ‘bar’ command. Do not use the ‘hist’ function inside your ‘pdf’ function. function [binsx,px]=pdf(x,Nx) % calculates a probability density function % x = input data vector % Nx = desired # bins for x % px = probability density function
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Unformatted text preview: % binsx = centers of bin locations for px 2. Propose your project paper topic based on the feedback you’ve received from your previous submissions. Provide the title, problem statement, method(s) you will use, and expected outcomes/results. You will write a technical report/paper that includes an abstract, introduction, experimental/numerical setup, theoretical description of analysis tools, results and discussion, conclusions, and references. 3. Problem 3.6 B&P 4. Problem 3.7 B&P 5. Problem 3.5 B&P 6. Problem 3.9 B&P...
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