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Fall CHEM 110 Recitation 2 Recitation 2 Learning objectives Basics: No recitation problems. Handled in ALEKs, Supplemental problems but will be part of quiz Measurement Metric units, Unit Conversion within metric Significant figures, use of rounding in calculations (accuracy, precision) States of matter (gas, liquid, solid) & Density properties of matter (chemical, physical, intensive, extensive) Definition of elements, compounds, mixtures Mole = N A = 6.02 × 10 23 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basic atomic structure Isotopes Structure of atom (protons, neutrons, electrons in atoms and ions) Atomic mass Energy Kinetic vs. potential energy Internal energy Δ E = q + w Exothermic vs. endothermic Light as energy
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Unformatted text preview: Wave nature of light (c= λν ) Electromagnetic spectrum Photon energy E = h ν Warm-up Problems ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1: A particular microwave photon has a wavelength of 0.01 m, a photon of green visible light has a wavelength of 520 nm and a photon of gamma radiation has a wavelength of 8 pm. Rank these forms of electromagnetic radiation in order of increasing energy and frequency. Frequency ( ν ): Energy (E): What general trend do we see? 1 Which one of the following photons is higher in energy than a green photon? A. Microwave photon B. ultra-violet photon C. Red photon D. Radio frequency photon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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