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Unformatted text preview: Fall CHEM 110 Recitation 3 Chapter 6 Part 1 Learning Objectives: Structure of the atom (Where are the electrons?) Particle nature of light: the photon Photon energy (E = h) Energies of electromagnetic radiation, relationship to wavelength (E = hc/) Interpretation of Line spectrum (What is happening that causes the emission lines?) Bohr Model of the hydrogen atom: where is the electron in the H atom? What is the energy of the electron in the H atom? What do we mean by the "energy of the electron"? How does this model explain the line spectrum of H atom? (How do you calculate the energies of the emitted photons? Orbitals: Solutions to Schrodinger equation What is meant by the "electron density" (or the probability of finding an electron)? How do you know where the electron is? Quantum numbers: connection to orbitals What do quantum numbers tell you about size, about shape, and about orientation of an orbital? Quantum number: how do they help you name and visualize an orbital? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Warm up Problem (A) What is the wavelength of one X-ray photon if the frequency is 1.00 1019 s-1? (B) What is the energy of one X-ray photon of this frequency? (C) What is the energy of one mole of X-ray photons of the same wavelength? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recitation 3 ...
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