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Warm-up 5 - Recognize when a molecule has resonance be able...

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Web CHEM 110 Recitation 5 Recitation 5 Learning Objectives: 1. Electronegativity and bond polarity Know trends in electronegativity. Recognize polar bonds Rank bonds from least to greatest polarity. 2. Draw Lewis structures, resonance, Formal charge Given a chemical formula, be able to draw the Lewis structure. Be able to determine the formal charge of an atom in a Lewis structure. Use formal charge to decide between similar Lewis structures: which one is better? .
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Unformatted text preview: Recognize when a molecule has resonance, be able to draw the resonance structures. Recognize molecules that have exceptions to octet rule Be able to interpreting Lewis structures: know how to rank bond length and strength using Lewis structures. Warm-up Problem will be chosen by your TA if he/she decides to do one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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