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CHEM 110 Recitation 8 Recitation 8 Learning objectives Organic Given a molecule, be able to identify structure isomers and geometric isomers. Be able to identify a molecule that COULD have geometric isomers. Understand the difference between an alkene and an aromatic hydrocarbon in terms of structure and function (properties) Connect the concept of delocalized π bonding to the properties of aromatic hydrocarbons. Given a molecule be able to identify the following functional groups if they are present. Alcohol, ether, amine, aldehyde, ketone, carboxylic acid, ester and amide Given the name of a functional group, be able to identify molecules that have that functional group. Given carbon backbone structures, be able to identify structural features (functional groups, or hydrocarbon classes) Be able to apply the previous learning objectives in this class to organic molecules. For example: Determine polarity of organic molecules given their structure. IM Forces
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