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Chapter 18 Review 1. The composition of noble gases in the atmosphere at sea level is given in the table below. If barometric pressure on a sunny day at the sea is 754 torr, what is the total pressure of the noble gases? Ar Ne He Kr Xe 9340 ppm 18.18 ppm 5.24 ppm 1.14 ppm 0.09 ppm A. 0.0186 torr B. 7.06 torr
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Unformatted text preview: C. 70.4 torr D. 704 torr E. 754 torr Answer: B 2. For the photodissociation reaction, NO 2 + h ! " 2NO + O the bond energy for NO is 304 kJ/mol, what is the wavelength of the photon that can be used to break the NO bond in NO 2 ? A. 210 nm B. 394 nm C. 450 nm D. 990 nm E. 1.2 x 10 5 nm Answer: B...
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