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WS 03 - a HF c NO b NH 3 d O 3(draw any resonance...

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Name: _____________________________ Quiz Section:_______ CHEM 120A Autumn 2011 Worksheet #3 1. Name the following compounds: a. CaS________________________________ b. CoI 2_________________________________________________ c. Sr 3 P 2________________________________________________ d. NaNO 2______________________________________________ e. SF 6__________________________________________________ f. Na 2 CO 3_____________________________________________ g. NH 4 NO 3____________________________________________ h. MnO 2 ______________________________ 2. Write the formula for the following compounds: a. tin(II) fluoride _________________________________ b. ammonium hydrogen sulfate _____________________ c. sodium oxide __________________________________ d. diphosphorus pentoxide _________________________ e. chromium (III) carbonate _________________________ f. selenium tetrabromide___________________________ g. potassium nitride ________________________________ h. lead(IV) sulfide __________________________________ 3. Write the electron dot formula for each of the following:
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Unformatted text preview: a. HF c. NO + b. NH 3 d. O 3 (draw any resonance structures) 4. Answer the following question concerning the periodic table and orbitals a. What electron sublevel starts to fill after completion of the 4f sublevel? b. How many 6p electrons are in Bi? c. Which halogen has the highest ionization energy? d. Which alkali metal has the smallest atomic radius? e. Give the symbol for the element that has three 2p electrons. 5. Perform the following mathematical operations and express the result to the correct number of significant figures. a. 1.0028 + 0.221 + 0.10337 b. (6.404 x 2.91)/(18.7-17.1) c. . 100 925 . 8 905 . 8 925 . 8 x 6. Will a block of material having a volume of 1.2 x 10 4 in 3 and weighing 350 lb float or sink when placed in a reservoir of water? Explain your answer. 7. What is the mass (in g) of a gold sample that absorbs 225 J of heat when the temperature rises from 15.0°C to 47.0°C?...
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WS 03 - a HF c NO b NH 3 d O 3(draw any resonance...

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