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Chapter_030 - MKTG 4100 Marketing Research Instructor Armen...

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Unformatted text preview: MKTG 4100 Marketing Research Instructor Armen Tashchian Literature Reviews and Hypotheses Types of Research Exploratory Research Descriptive Research Causal Research Exploratory Research Literature Search Expert Survey Focus Groups Literature Review . . . . a comprehensive examination of available information related to your research topic. Reasons For Conducting A Literature Review Clarify the research problem and questions. Find similar existing studies. Suggest research hypotheses. Identify questions and scales to measure concepts. Conducting the Review Popular Sources Scholarly Research Popular Search Websites Conceptualizati on . . . a model that shows variables that will be studied and hypothesized relationships between the variables. Accurate conceptual models are based on proper literature reviews. Conceptual Model Restaurant Food Satisfaction Service Restaurant Goals: 1. Grow Traffic 2. Increase Amount Spent Variables vs. Constructs Variable . . . an observable item that is directly measured in a research study, e.g. gender, age, company name, number of employees, number of customers, amount spent, etc. Construct . . . an unobservable concept measured indirectly by several related variables, e.g., service quality, satisfaction, materialism, best customer, etc. Examples of Constructs Materialism Vanity Assertiveness Hedonism Price Consciousness Materialism . . . My dream in life is to be able to own expensive things. People judge others by the things they own. Money is the most important thing to consider in choosing a job. Vanity . . . People notice how attractive I am. People are envious of my good looks. I am a very good looking individual. Conceptual Model Restaurant Relationship Food Satisfaction Service Independent Variables Dependent Variable ...
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  • Spring '12
  • ArmenTashchian
  • Marketing, Exploratory research, Variables Dependent Variable, Exploratory Research Descriptive Research, Research Descriptive Research, Suggest research hypotheses

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