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PS_CH02student cont 1

PS_CH02student cont 1 - Factors Affecting Ethical Behavior...

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Factors Affecting Ethical Behavior of Salespeople Exhibit 3.1 Customer Goals Company Goals Company Policies Laws Personal Goals Social Norms Ethical Behavior Personal Code of Ethics Values of Significant Others 3
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Adapted from Ferrell & Fraedrich, Business Ethics, 2nd Edition 1994 Ethics in Sales Kim brown stopped by Carie’s office after they had come back from their  marathon sales trip through Carie’s new territory. Carie had just been hired as a  new sales rep and was learning her territory from Kim, who was being  promoted to regional sales manager. Carie asked Kim to help her with her  expense-account sheet. Kim explained how to get reimbursed for items that are  “expenses” but that were not on the forms. For example, Kim said , “You can’t  include tips, so one way you can be reimbursed is by increasing the amount on  your cab fares. As you can see, most cab drivers stamp the receipt and let you fill  out the amount.” As Carie hesitated, Kim defended this practice by telling her that the company  assumes that a little padding occurs for such added expenses. “Besides,” Kim 
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