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PS_Ch06 - PROSPECTING Finding New Customers Chapter 7...

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Unformatted text preview: PROSPECTING Finding New Customers Chapter 7 Traditional Sales Process Prospecting Lead Pre­call Information Approach Needs Discovery Prospect Presentation Dealing w/ Concerns Obtaining Commitment Follow­up Customer Prospecting Cold Calls/Letters/Email Appointment Call/Target 15 Minute Appointment Needs Assessment Appt $$ Retaining The Bucket Proposal Contract Delivery Follow­up The FUNNEL Importance of Prospecting “Without prospects you are stillborn as a sales professional – dead before you get started.” Zig Ziglar Ziglar on Selling “The better job of finding qualified The prospect you do, the higher your closing average will be!” closing William T. Brooks High Impact Selling William High Suspect vs. Prospect SUSPECT PROSPECT • Opened limited • You have established communications with some rapport with • May have a need you • Has a need you can can satisfy (may not satisfy and knows it know it) • Has the resources to • May or may not have satisfy that need the resources to buy • Has agreed to listen to • May or may not listen to you you “You spend time with suspects; you invest time with prospects” Zig Ziglar Ziglar on Selling Qualifying Does the suspect have the ______ to buy? Money (ability) Authority (eligible) Desire (need) Involuntary Prospects • Canvassing • Lists and Directories • Outbound Telemarketers • Spotters • Other Sources Voluntary Prospects • Promotional Activities • Sales Letters • Inbound Telemarketing 5 Steps of Referral Prospecting 1. Ask for specific referrals to narrow customer’s focus 2. Gather as much information about the referral as possible 3. Ask your customer for help in obtaining an appointment with the referral 4. Contact the referral as soon as possible 5. Inform your customer about the outcome of the contact/referral • Prospecting is virtually the same for any product or service Characteristics of a Good Prospect (continued) • Can the lead be approached favorably? – Possibility of getting an interview – Chances of making a sale • Is the lead eligible to buy? – Volume – Status – Sales territories • Other criteria – Timing of the purchase – Long-term customer potential McGraw­Hill/Irwin 7-10 Referred Prospects • Center or Sphere of Influence • Networking • Endless Chain • Satisfied Customers • Not every referral is a prospect! How and Where to Obtain Prospects – Satisfied Customers • Current and previous customers are contacted for additional business and leads • They are the most effective source for leads • To maximize usefulness: – Make a list of potential references from among most satisfied customers – Ask for the names of leads and the specific type of help needed • Keep in touch McGraw­Hill/Irwin 7-12 How and Where to Obtain Prospects (continued) • Endless chain – Salesperson attempts to secure at least one additional Salesperson lead from each person he or she interviews, calls or writes writes – Referred lead • Networking – Salesperson uses personal relationships with those who Salesperson are connected and cooperative to secure leads are – Suggestions: • Call at least two people per day and go to at least one Call networking event every week networking • Spend most of your initial conversation with a new contact Spend talking about his or her business and learn about the person’s nonbusiness interests person’s • Follow up with your new contact on a regular basis McGraw­Hill/Irwin 7-13 How and Where to Obtain Prospects (continued) • Center or Sphere of influence – Sales person cultivates well-known, influential people in the Sales territory who are willing to supply lead information territory – Buying community or previous buyer – May or may never buy • • The Internet – Salesperson uses websites, e-mail, list servers, bulletin boards, Salesperson forums, roundtables, and newsgroups to secure leads forums, – Extranets – E-selling Ads, direct mail, catalogs, and publicity – Salespeople use these forms of promotional activities to Salespeople generate leads generate – Postcard pack – Bounce-back card McGraw­Hill/Irwin 7-14 ...
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