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Unformatted text preview: Approach Approach Making the Sales Call Chapter 8 Chapter 8 Topics Chapter 8 Topics How should the salesperson make the initial approach How to make a good impression and gain the prospect’s attention? attention? How can the salesperson develop rapport and increase How source credibility? source Why is discovering the prospect’s needs important, and Why how can a salesperson get this information? how How can the salesperson most effectively relate the How product or service features to the prospect’s needs? product Why is it important for the salesperson to make Why adjustments during the call? adjustments How does the salesperson recognize that adjustments How are needed? are How can a salesperson effectively sell to groups? Traditional Sales Process Traditional Sales Process Lead (Suspect) Prospecting Pre­call Information Approach Needs Discovery Prospect Presentation Dealing w/ Concerns Obtaining Commitment Customer Follow­up Repeat/Good Customer Elements of the Sales Call Elements of the Sales Call Covered in this Chapter Exhibit 9.1 Adjusting Assessing the buyer’s reactions and making adjustments Outcomes Approach Making a good impression Identifying or reiterating needs Offering the solution to the buyer’s needs. Credibility and trust Remember, nonverbals Remember, nonverbals affect your impression! Shake hands Shake hands Sales and Golf Sales and Golf ► What do you do when going to a new golf course? What do you bring? What do you get there before starting? How do you find the first hole? What finishes a hole? ►Do you ever not put it in the hole? What wins the game? Essential Elements of the Sales Call Making a Good Impression Identifying or Reiterating the Buyer’s Needs Offering the Solution to the Buyer’s Needs •Building Credibility •Assessing Buyer’s •Reactions •Making Adjustments Making a Good Impression Making a Good Impression • Waiting for the prospect • Be on time or call if you’re going to be a few minutes late Make good use of your waiting time 15 minute rule When to reschedule Very first impressions Making a favorable first impression usually results in a prospect who is willing to listen How you dress How you look Customer’s name ...
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