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Unformatted text preview: Strengthening the Strengthening the Presentation Chapter 9 Traditional Sales Process Traditional Sales Process Lead Prospecting Pre­call Information Approach Needs Discovery Presentation Prospect Dealing w/ Concerns Obtaining Commitment Follow­up Customer “The focus of the presentation should be on what is important to the customer, not what is important to me.” ~Amanda Deitz Pfizer Power of a Strong Presentation Power of a Strong Presentation How We Learn and Remember How We Learn and Remember Verbal Tools • Word pictures and stories It is best to use stories from your own life. Make sure you have a reason for telling the story. Use the “hook” of the story to tie back directly to your presentation. Be accurate and vivid with the words you choose. Pace the story, watching your audience for cues. Choose stories that fit your own style. Remember, stories can be quite short. Verbal Tools (continued) Verbal Tools (continued) • Humor Don’t oversell the joke. Don’t apologize before telling a joke. Identify any facts that are absolutely necessary for the punch line of the story to make sense. Use humor from your own life. Enjoy yourself by smiling and animating your voice and nonverbals. Practice telling the joke in different ways. Make sure your punch line is clear. The Sales Portfolio The Sales Portfolio Charts, KISS Catalogs and brochures (send as intro or F/U) Pictures, ads, and illustrations Testimonials, if written and shared Visuals, a picture, is worth a 1000 words ...
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