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PS_Ch11 - Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Obtaining Commitment...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Obtaining Commitment Closing the Sale Professor Mike Serkedakis Traditional Sales Process Traditional Sales Process Lead Prospecting Pre­call Information Approach Needs Discovery Prospect Presentation Dealing w/ Concerns Obtaining Commitment Follow­up Customer Closing! Closing! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word closing? Can you think of a manipulative, tacky, or devious attempt a salesperson used on you? Why are people afraid to close? Learn to close!!! Obtaining Commitment Chapter 11 Some questions answered in this chapter are: • • • • • • • How much emphasis should be placed on closing the sale? Why is obtaining the commitment important? When is the best time to obtain commitment? Which methods of securing commitment are appropriate for developing partnerships? How should pricing be presented? What should a salesperson do when the prospect says yes? When the prospect says no? What causes difficulties in obtaining commitment, and how can these issues be overcome? Closing • • Part of the process Salespeople actually gain commitment repeatedly Important in moving the account through the relationship process The importance of securing commitment Tells the salesperson what to do next Defines the status of the client Time to make a sale Customer realization of benefits Company good will and profit Financial rewards for the salesperson ABC ABC Always Be Closing Trial Closes Ask after presenting each benefit ( Do you see how that can benefit your business? Or how does that sound like as a problem solver!) Gets confirmation that the customer sees and values the benefit Helps build commitment throughout the presentation Value Proposition When to Gain Commitment When to Gain Commitment Buyer questions Benefit statements Responses to probing Non­verbal cues To Successfully Obtain To Successfully Obtain Commitment Maintain a positive attitude Set the pace based on the prospect Be assertive, not aggressive Sell the right item in the right amount ...
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