Business Midterm Notes

Business Midterm Notes - 1-9 skip 2 and 3100 questions...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-9 skip 2 and 3100 questions MCScantronWhat do we mean by tactical planning?-short run efforts that involve what is to be done and by whom (shortterm planning 1-2 years)Leadership style-depends on who is being lead and in what situationWhat is a business incubator?-low cost and shared space for new/start up businessesWhat is a line organization?- lines that bring revenues into the organization-Cross Functional OrganizationManagement Function-that involves determining whether an organization is progressingtoward its goals-this is the controlling function-planning, organizing, leading, and controllingWhat is ISO 9000?- A European standard for quality management and quality assurance.Alphabet SoupCEO- chief executive officerCFO- chief financial officerCPO- Chief planning officerCIO- Chief Information officerCPA- certified public accountantWhat is meant by Government Privatization?-a country?s government sells off government agencies and businessesin an effort to create more wealthLarge organizations-Have real problems with efficiency- particularly with regard tocommunication and or decision making-eliminating some of the layers of management it often speeds things up.What is profit?-the amount a company earns above the amount it pays forexpenses-inventory, salaries, advertising, etc.Income statementSales-COGS=Gross profit-expenses=Net profit before IRSSole proprietor you get all the moneyPartnership- splitCorp-Strategic, Tactical, Operational Planning-Strategic management- senior management- long term planning-Tactical- regional, store, factory management- quarterly to yearly planning...
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course BUSN 101 taught by Professor Holcomb during the Spring '08 term at Gonzaga.

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Business Midterm Notes - 1-9 skip 2 and 3100 questions...

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