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Clicker Instructions Summer 2011

Clicker Instructions Summer 2011 - Clicker Instructions...

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Clicker Instructions Clickers are an audience response system that uses similar technology to what you may have seen on TV game shows. During lecture, your instructor poses a multiple choice question within a PowerPoint slide in front of the classroom. Click your reply (just like a T.V. remote) from anywhere in the classroom by selecting a letter or number response on your clicker that corresponds to one of the answer choices on the slide. Your response is sent to a wireless receiver, collected and then sent to the classroom computer. There is a little LED light on the upper left side of your clicker. After you’ve sent your reply, the light will turn green for a short time to signal that your answer was received and stored. NOTES: Where to purchase a Clicker: University Bookstore (often they run out for the first few days of class, so call first before making a special trip there to get one). Keep it after this class, since it is required in other classes too.
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