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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 1. Version A Name: _________________ ________ Section Time: 10:5011:50 1. Draw the line structure corresponding to each of the following molecules, using lines to indicate chemical bonds and being sure to fill in nonbonding (lone pair) electrons. Indicate whether each molecule can function as a Lewis acid, Lewis base, both or neither. (8pts) (a) HI (c) CH3CO2H 2. Circle and name the functional groups in the following molecules. (4pts) (d) CH3CH2OH (b) NH3 3. Rank in order of increasing basicity (1 most basic, . . . 5 least basic): (4pts) O a) H3C O b) NO3 c) CH3CH2O d) H2O 4. Indicate the type of hybridization you would expect for each indicated atom in the following organic molecules. (i.e sp, sp2, sp3) (10pts) HO O N 5. What is the name of the following compound? (4pts) ...
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