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Quiz 1b - Quiz 1 Version B Name Section Time 2:303:30 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 1. Version B Name: _________________ ________ Section Time: 2:303:30 1. Predict which of the indicated bonds in each of the following pairs of molecules is more polar. For each bond that can be classified as polar, indicate the direction of the dipole, using either a crosshatched arrow ( ) or + and . (6pts) (a) Br--CH3 or Br--Br 2. Indicate the type of hybridization in the following organic molecules. (10pts) (b) H2N--CH2CH3 or HO--CH3 (c) Li--CH3 or HO--CH3 OH H O N H O N O N N tetrahydrocannabinol caffeine N acrylonitrile 3. What are the names of the following compounds? (6pts) also known as: Cl CH H2C H2C CH3 H C CH2 also known as: C H2 4. Rank in order of increasing basicity (1 most basic, . . . 5 least basic): (4pts) O a) H3C O b) NO3 c) CH3CH2O d) H2O 5. Indicate the sigma and pi bonds on Acetonitrile: ...
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