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Quiz 2b - Quiz 2 Version B Name Section Time 2:303:30 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 2. Version B Name: _________________ ________ Section Time: 2:303:30 1. Draw the two Newman projections of the following molecule, sighting down the C2C3 bond, which shows the most stable conformation and least stable conformation. 2. (2.43) Draw structural formulas (line drawings) for the following substances: a. 1,1dimethylcyclopentane b. 4ethyl3,4dimethyloctane 3. (2.58) Draw a stereoisomer of trans1,3dimethylcyclobutane 4. Classify the following carbocations. Rank their stability and give a reason for your ranking. 5. 6. (3.35) Which of the following molecules show cis-trans isomerism? ...
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