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1 CHEM 223 Summer 2011 term A keyed to 6 th edition ) Classes meet MWF 1:10 – 3:20 in Bagley 154 with a 10 min break near the middle of the class time Office hours: CHB204E , 12:20 – 1 MTWF; I also stay after lecture to answer questions on most days. No office hours on Tuesday, June 28 th . Tuesday’s in July: 5:30 – 6:30 (by appointment) ( ) I do answer questions sent by e-mail. TAs, your quiz section TAs also have office hours, these will probably be held in the Org. Help room. Sec. AA, AB Dmitry Liskin (, AC, AD Hester Dang ( Section meeting occur on Tues and Thurs, 3 quizes will be given in sections meetings. The first quiz (30 points) will be this Thurs. (June 23 rd ). The coverage will be Chap. 1 (no interlude coverage) + sections 1 – 3 of Chapter 2. The quiz section instructors write the quizzes. Class website : go to and click Summer 2011 Chem 223A. You will also be using material from the Summer 2010 and Aut 2008 Chem 223 listings. All reading assignments are from the course text, McMurry/Simanek; “Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry” 6 th Ed. Specific sections within chapters that will not be covered in tests will be indicated in class on and the course web page, as the quarter progresses. The coverage will be Chapters 1 – 9. We will cover two or more chapters per week. Molecular models are highly recommended. Also given the speed at which we will go through the material, I recommend that you have access to the “Study Guide and Solutions Manual” for this text. You will need it to determine whether you are answering the suggested problems correctly. There will be
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This note was uploaded on 01/19/2012 for the course CHEM 223A taught by Professor Nielsh.andersen during the Summer '11 term at University of Washington.

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syllabus_CHEM223Asum11 - CHEM 223 Summer 2011 term A...

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