exercise 1 - Chemistry 312 Name: Exercise 1: The...

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Chemistry 312 Name: Exercise 1: The Schrodinger equation and the atom One of the drawbacks of the Bohr model of the atom and the associated orbit energies is that it only works for one-electron atoms, such as H, He + , Li 2+ , etc. The Schrodinger equation is a much more general equation to predict the energy levels of electrons in multi-electron atoms, but its drawback is that solving the equation directly for energies is quite difficult. Instead, we can use the other part of the equation, the wavefunction , to predict energies and, incidentally, the shapes of electronic orbitals . The Schrodinger equation is written simply as H ψ = E , where ψ (“psi”) is the equation of the wavefunction, H is the Hamiltonian operator that describes the physical constraints of the atom and E is the energy of an electronic orbital. Activity purpose : To use a computer simulation of the wavefunction solutions of the Schrodinger equation to predict the qualitative relationship and the spatial orientations of electronic orbitals. 1. Recall that a node is where the wavefunction has a value of zero (for instance, the wavefunction of an electron at infinite distance from the nucleus). Given the relationship between an electron’s wavefunction and the probability of that electron to exist at a given point in time and space, what is the probability that an
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exercise 1 - Chemistry 312 Name: Exercise 1: The...

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