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Chemistry 312 Names: Exercise 3: Symmetry operations, point groups and character tables 1. Fill in the “multiplication table” for the point group D 2h . D 2h E C 2 σ i E C 2 σ i 2. Which of the following molecules, B 2 H 6 or BH 3 , is of the point group D 2h ? Draw the molecule in such a way that you can show (and label) the symmetry elements that it has.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. On page 802 (Resource Section 4), the character table for D 2h is given. Justify, using drawings and words, the characters of the B 3u term symbol. For instance, why is a C 2 rotation around the x-axis represented as a “-1” in the character table? Hint: look at what function is represented as B 3u ....
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