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section1 - from Dr Fejes justified given the data Why or...

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MIT Department of Biology 7.014 Introductory Biology, Spring 2005 Recitation Section 1 February 2-3, 2005 Biology as a Science Please read the following article. Class discussion will focus on the article, and center around the questions that follow. Please refer to the following article: Leake, Jonathan, Science editor. " Mobile phones can cut a man's fertility by a third ." The Sunday Times - Britain , June 27, 2004. _______________________________________
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1. Based on the article, what was the hypothesis tested in this study? 2. What was the experiment designed to test the hypothesis? 3. What were the conclusions drawn from the results of the experiment? 4. Are there alternative hypotheses that fit the data? 5. Based on the article, do you think the researchers proved their hypothesis true? Is the quote
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Unformatted text preview: from Dr. Fejes justified given the data? Why or why not? 6. What follow-up experiments would need to be performed to validate the results of this study? 7. Look again at the synopsis just below the title. Do you think it accurately describes the results of the study? Is it informative or misleading? 8. Look again at the first and third paragraphs. Do you think the advice to put the phone in a bag would be justified given the data we have now? Why or why not? 9. Look again at the description of how the study was performed in paragraph two. What would you like to know about the procedures used in the study before concluding that the observed results are not an artifact of how the study was done?...
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