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Chapter%202%20concepts - The first isotope has a mass of...

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Chem 1211 Chapter 2 concepts An isotope of a substance is typically written as 10 B, or the name Boron-10, where 10 is the mass number of this isotope of Boron (see page 49 for more of a discussion on this). Using this information, and the periodic table, complete the blanks in the following table: Name Isotope Number Protons Number Neutrons Number Electrons 11 B 4 5 53 42 182 Ta Platinum-194 24 28 80 Se Chlorine has two major isotopes.
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Unformatted text preview: The first isotope has a mass of 34.9689 amu and is 75.77% abundant. The second isotope has a mass of 36.9659 amu and is 24.23% abundant. What is the weighted average mass for an atom of chlorine (in amu)? How does this compare to the periodic table value? How many neutrons would you expect in each isotope listed in the chlorine problem above?...
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