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Aging With Attitude: The Impact of Exercise on Quality of Life Tedd L. Mitchell, M.D. 1. Introduction a. What is the value of collaboration? 2. Quality of Life: History’s Perspective a. What are the three factors affecting how we age? b. How was social security designed and why are we facing a problem with it today? c. What is the current average life expectancy for males and females? 3. Heredity’s Role in Health a. “Pick the Heart Patient” What is the significance? 4. Health Trends Today a. What are the top three actual causes of death?
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What is Human Genome Mapping/ Human Genome Project? c. Why is it considered a “double edge sword”? d. What is the Non Discriminatory Act 5. Lifestyle Trends a. Why are we where we are today? b. How have the following lifestyle trends affect the U.S. population b.i. Industries b.ii. Transportation b.iii. Computer technology c. We have systematically removed physical activity form the American daily life. 6.
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Aging%20With%20Attitude%20Outline - Aging With Attitude:...

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