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Please observe the following basic email etiquette. 1. ALWAYS check the course website ( ) FIRST before emailing your instructor or the course coordinator. The answers to many questions can be found on the course website ( ). 2. Have a meaningful subject line . For example: “Urgent! I missed my exam!” 3. Your email should always include your name (FIRST and LAST) , class time , and your instructor’s name . 4. Be concise and get to the point . Give me a brief description of your
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Unformatted text preview: situation and tell me what you need from me. If I need further information from you, I will let you know. 5. Always use proper grammar and spelling . Given today’s automated tools, there is no excuse for misspellings and bad grammar. You should re-read every message before hitting “send” and always use spell check functionality. 6. If you are asking for help on homework, briefly describe what you have done. I will give you homework help ONLY if I can see that you have made a genuine attempt....
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