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basicemailetiquette - proper grammar and spelling Given...

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Please observe the following basic email etiquette. 1. Have a meaningful subject line . For example: “Urgent! I missed my exam!” 2. Your email should always include your name (FIRST and LAST) and which section of the class you attend. 3. Please be concise and to the point . I love a good story, however, give me a brief description of your situation and tell me what you need from me. If I need further information from you, I will let you know. 4. Always use
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Unformatted text preview: proper grammar and spelling . Given today’s automated tools, there is no excuse for misspellings and bad grammar. You should re-read every message before hitting “send” and always use spell check functionality. 5. It is hard to provide homework help over email, so try to stop by my office for help. Please to do not get in the habit of waiting until the last moment to complete homework assignments. I am in my office during the day, not at 8:30 pm....
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