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ChangingSections - (The drop of your previous section does...

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MA 220/223/224 CHANGING SECTIONS To make changes as of the second week of classes, you should first check myPurdue to see if a space is available in the section you prefer. If there is a space, contact the instructor of that section by email or visit his/her office, and ask if the space is still available. (The instructor may have already signed for another student to have the space and the paperwork may not yet have been processed.) Lists of instructors, their email addresses and their offices are available via the course web page. If the space is still available, make arrangements to meet with the instructor to obtain his/her signature for the add.
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Unformatted text preview: (The drop of your previous section does not require an instructor’s signature.) You will need to bring a Schedule Revision Request form with you. Do not ask an instructor to add you if a space is not available. Instructors are not allowed to add beyond the posted limit. Once an instructor has signed for you to add his/her section, take the signed form (which also needs the signature of your academic advisor) to HOVDE 45, to have the changes officially entered into the registration system. Until a drop/add can be made, you must attend your assigned section. You will not be allowed to submit work in a section in which you are not registered....
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