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152assignmentsfa11 - MA 15200 Assignment Sheet Fall 2011...

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MA 15200 Assignment Sheet Fall 2011 * These problems come from a different textbook so I cannot list the problem numbers. ** The worksheets will be found on the course web page under ‘other information’. 1 Text: Purdue College Algebra, Pearson Custom Edition by Blitzer, Lial, Hornsby, McGinnis, Harshbarger, and Yocco, Pearson Custom Publishing. The textbook is shrink-wrapped with a 3-ring binder and the MyMathLab Student Access Kit that is for registration for online homework. Buy book from a local bookstore (through Follett’s or University), not online. The textbook is custom made. No calculators are permitted on quizzes or exams until after exam 1. Then a TI 30-XA is required. This is a basic 1-line scientific calculator. No other calculator is permitted. Most homework will be done through MyMathLab on the computer. (www.pearsonmylab.com) The course ID and course name for MyMathLab will be provided at the second class meeting or at the time you add the course. Lesson Section Assignments (3 pages) Problems in bold print are not online and should be completed by the student on his/her own using paper/pencil as necessary.
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