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Openingclassremarks - MA 15200 College Algebra Fall 2011...

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1 MA 15200, College Algebra, Fall 2011 Memo: To MA 15200 students From: Charlotte Bailey, Course Coordinator Concerning Classes/Lessons Before each class, read the appropriate pages form the textbook for that lesson. ATTEND CLASS! Have the large majority of homework problems due that day completed (and every homework problem at least examined or started) before class begins. If you have several questions over homework, seek help before your class meets by using instructor office hours, the math help room, or meeting with other students. Your instructor will not necessarily have time to answer all questions during class. (Online homework problems can be printed and taken to the help room, an office hour, or to class.) Ask questions over homework problems you did not understand. Don’t just be a ‘listener’. Statistics prove that students learn more in an active class where students ask questions and participate. Use the office hours of the MA 15200 instructors, the help room, or my office hours. My weekly schedule is posted on the course web page. Do not get behind! Manage your time and work on your algebra daily. Concerning Homework Complete every problem of every homework assignment. Have the majority of problems completed before class. There will be limited time to ask questions. Online homework is due at 5 PM (for morning classes) or at 8 PM (for afternoon classes) of the next class day after a lesson is presented.
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