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KEYS TO SUCCESS 1) THE HOMEWORK The homework problems and the problems like the homework problems in the textbook are a primary basis for how the quizzes and exams are written. 2) THE LECTURES – The material, concepts, and types of problems presented in the lectures will also be emphasized consistently on the quizzes and exams. TAKE GOOD NOTES. 3) LEARN TO UNDERSTAND AND NOT JUST DO MATHEMATICS Your ability to understand the mathematics and the subtleties of the concepts will be tested on the quizzes and exams. The Quality of the time you spend working on the homework problems is as important as the quantity of time you spend on the homework. Make the investment of time early in the course. Most of the concepts are built upon other concepts. Challenge yourself to understand the mathematics at a deeper level
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Unformatted text preview: than you are used to doing. 4) BE MENTALLY ACTIVE IN CLASS Actively participate in the solving of the problems consistently, this may or may not include taking copious notes. 5) PREPARE YOURSELF BEFORE THE LECTURES Start working on the homework assignment before coming to class. If you have already thought through some of the less difficult problems yourself, then understanding the more complex problems solved in class will be more attainable. 6) FORM STUDY GROUPS WITH EACH OTHER I cannot emphasize how important this peer-to-peer learning can be to your success, and not just in MA15900. Ask the students you meet what courses they are taking and what major they are pursuing. Find dedicated, serious students you can partner with here at Purdue....
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