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Unformatted text preview: FIRST NAME LAST NAME Interest Rate(%)Age Sex Kwadwo Aboagye-Adjei 4 52Female Nurlan Amanturlyuly 4.05 50Male Christopher Arvia 4.1 64Female Nathan Barrett 4.15 43Female Qianqi Cai 4.2 59Female Ang Cao 4.25 47Female Sheena Chandrasekharan 4.3 64Male Devin Chellberg 4.35 42Female Yuan Chen 4.4 58Male Emily Clauss 4.45 64Female Zachary Collignon 4.5 44Male Yi Cui 4.55 52Male Jay Doane 4.6 54Female Weichen Gai 4.65 45Male Elizabeth Gorski 4.7 46Female Ryann Harmless 4.75 49Male Xin He 4.8 65Male Malcolm Hooks 4.85 63Male Zachary Hopp 4.9 57Male Zhihao Hu 4.95 45Female Bauyrzhan Kairatuly 5 43Male Brandon Kill 5.05 51Male Garret Kohl 5.1 45Female Shuyi Kong 5.15 54Male Joseph Leaf 5.2 65Female Tabitha Lehman 5.25 44Male Siyuan Liang 5.3 60Female Erin Lilly 5.35 45Female Hao Liu 5.4 55Male Yang Luo 5.45 53Female Alexander Marunycz 5.5 64Male Michael McKechnie 5.55 48Female Zachary Miles 5.6 42Female Kathryn Murphy 5.65 65Female Martin Musya 5.7 61Male Nur 'Afiyah Nazib 5.75 55Male Matthew Porter...
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