Psychology 270 - Psychology 270 Abnormal Psychology Spring...

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Psychology 270 Abnormal Psychology -- Spring 2012 Lecturer: Gary Noll, Ph.D. Office: 1018 D BSB Office hours: 2:00 – 3:00 pm, or by appointment, Tuesdays and Thursdays Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Andrea Katz—E-mail: [email protected] Laura Kuper—E-mail: [email protected] Brady Nelson—E-mail: [email protected] Text: Abnormal Psychology , by Robin S. Rosenberg and Stephen M. Kosslyn ISBN-13: 978-0-7167-1728-7 Course description : Have you ever watched someone walking down the street, shouting and gesticulating, and you were pretty sure they weren’t talking into a mobile phone headset? Have you wondered what was happening with them? Or has someone you knew told you they believed someone was trying to hurt them, and you were pretty sure they were imagining it? Have you known someone who is so anxious they can’t function? Or who throws up intentionally in order to try to keep their weight down, or to get high? Have you known anyone who has seemed almost too happy, even while making poor decisions that seemed likely to lead to undesirable consequences, or someone who is so depressed or sad that they can’t do the things they need to do? Perhaps more importantly, do you sometimes wonder if you yourself, or a member of your family, are mentally ill? Many students suffer from significant anxiety, and many are seriously depressed even when everything in their lives seems to be going well. Being a student can be very stressful, and sometimes it can seem as though you are going to “lose it,” to “go off the deep end.” This course is going to be a survey of different ways in which people’s thinking, feeling, and behaving can be disordered, dysfunctional, or markedly different from other people’s. Because of how broad and deep this field is, the coverage of each topic will necessarily be somewhat superficial, but it should help you find some direction about how you might learn more. Schedule: I’m going to race through the first five chapters—they are important, but I want to leave more time to cover the disorders themselves. After that, I think you will find the material more interesting. Date: Assignment: Topic: 1/10 Introductory remarks 1/12 Chapter 1 History of Abnormal Psychology 1
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1/17 Begin Chapter 2 Understanding Psychological Disorders 1/19 Finish Chapter 2, Begin Chapter 3 Clinical Diagnosis and Assessment 1/24 Finish Chapter 3 1/26 Chapter 4 Foundations of Treatment 1/31 Chapter 5 Researching Abnormality 2/2 First Exam 2/7 Chapter 6 Mood Disorders and Suicide 2/9 Finish Chapter 6, First Homework Due on Chapter 6 by midnight 2/14 Chapter 7 Anxiety Disorders, First Paper Due 2/16 Finish Chapter 7, Second Homework Due on Chapter 7 2/21 Chapter 8 Dissociative and Somatoform Disorders 2/23 Finish Chapter 8, Third Homework Due on Chapter 8 2/28 Chapter 9 Substance Use Disorders 3/1 Finish Chapter 9, Begin Chapter 10 Eating Disorders Fourth Homework Due on Chapter 9 3/6 Finish Chapter 10 Fifth Homework Due on Chapter 10 3/8
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Psychology 270 - Psychology 270 Abnormal Psychology Spring...

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