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Simulation of Walton's Bookstore using @RISK - correlated demands Cost data - same for each product Demand distribution for each product- triangular Correlation matrix between demands Unit cost $7.50 Minimum 100 Product 1 Product 2 Unit price $10.00 Most likely 175 Product 1 1 -0.9 Unit refund $2.50 Maximum 300 Product 2
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Unformatted text preview: -0.9 1 Decision variables Order quantity 1 200 Order quantity 2 200 Simulated quantities Demand Revenue Cost Refund Profit Product 1 #ADDIN? #ADDIN? $1,500 #ADDIN? #ADDIN? Product 2 #ADDIN? #ADDIN? $1,500 #ADDIN? #ADDIN? Totals #ADDIN? #ADDIN? $3,000 #ADDIN? #ADDIN?...
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